Professional Printing and Packaging Factory

Since 1995




Printn-pack  has a perfect quality inspection system(Based on MIL-STD-105 elevel II2 standards).

Testing laboratory has various quality control testers:

Simulating transportation vibration testing machine; 

Constant temperature and humidity tests;

Two-wing package drop testing machine;

Burst strength testing machine;

Ink peeling machine;

Automatic full inspection machine.



We have advanced ERP management system to manage each branch factory.

We have complete digital computerized system, modular production, information standardization and information sharing system. Is convenient and quick to store and search datas, so if there are minor personnel changes, won’t affect the management and production.

To update the production data by supporting system and process management, is convenient to refer production schedule and optimize production resources.

Digital computerized system

Modular production

Information sharing system

Chromatic meter can automatically compare the color differences between the samples and checked products, outputs three groups data of IE_Lab and four groups color data of △E、△L、△a、△b,provides reference scheme of color matching,to guarantee the product printing color.

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