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7+1KBA printer in Chinese printing packaging factory

7+1KBA printer in Chinese printing packaging factory


 7+1KBA printer in Chinese printing packaging factory

We had imported one more printer, which has the latest technology for printing and packaging. 7+1KBA printer is the first one, imported from German, making Printn-pack to be Quality Printing Company in the world   (Video for 7+1 KBA printer)

7+1KBA can save many production procedure,before bulk production, can adjust and test the color, only reach the requirment date,can start the production. There will be one color tester for testing color date, which can display on the computer screen, so we don’t need to test the printed paper by X-rite tester, all finished by automatic color tester of printer.

7+1KBA has high productivty, can meet up with the big order in volume. Big order can be finished printing in short time,so can shorten the lead time, and cut down the production cost. The color printed by 7+1KBA has strong fastness, won’t be scratched color losing easily, has bright and clear pattern color. During the course of the printing, the printer and the room is clear without dust, so the surface of the printed paper has no oil stain and spot. There is no chromatic aberration, the color can be kept consistent for the whole order.

We also have many other equipments for the printing packaging, all are new one with latest technology, can meet up any requirement from customers, we will be the professional manufacturer in printing packaging industry.

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