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Congratulations - Obtain G7 & Color space certificate

Congratulations - Obtain G7 & Color space certificate


 Congratulations!!! Obtain G7 & Color space certificate

Congratulations!!! Printn-pack obtains the highest grade certicicate of G7---color space certificate. That is to say, the quality for packaging printing from Printn-pack will have maximum guarantee.

Years ago, Printn-pack imported all brands of printer,such as KOMORI,Roland,Mitsubishi, KBA , so we have the qualification to apply for the G7 certificate , of course, we obtained G7 certificate smoothly years ago.

AS you know, it is hard to pass and get the G7 certificate for many manufacturers in printing and packaging, let along color spacce certificate, the highest degree of the certificate of G7.

To pursue the maximum quality guarantee, we invest more funds to import the equipments with latest high technology, such as the Spot UV coting, especially 6+1KBA and 7+1 KBA Printer . Naturally, we have the ability to apply for the highest grade of certificate for G7, and got the color spacce certificate, which is very very rare for printing and packaging manufacturers in China and the world. 

Color space certificate grants us the opportunities to work well with all our cusomers, during the production, our clients never need to worry about the packaging printing quality, what they need to do is to raise the marketing share with our color printed packaging, to attract more buyers for their products.

What is more, Color space certificate saves us much more time in production, there are so less defective products, so we will take less time to QC, just produce step by step without any obstruction. That is to say, it will need less manual work during production, then will cut down the cost of the labour, and the price for the printing packaging will be reduced definitely.

What is G7 certificate?

Organization for G7 is International Digital Enterprise Alliance.The IDEAlliance G7 Masters qualification program identifies those printing companies, prepress service providers and agencies who have been trained to use the G7 Proof-to-Print process and can produce proofs or can print to G7.The G7 Master qualification mark means that the company use the most modern technology, techniques,proofing and press controls, and standards required to produce a close visual match from proof to print.

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