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Paper Packaging-New Design

Paper Packaging-New Design


 Paper Packaging-New Design

Undoubtedly, when you see the images of the paper packaging box, will indefinitely think that it will be used for Chocolates. The design and the packaging are all for chocolates, right or not? If not, but for what, Candy, Sweets or other gifts?

Why we design this style paper packaging? Of course, all we need is to save the cost and make the design simple & high grade.What is the most important, we don’t design as per common practice,but make the design unique,completely different from the common packaging.

Now we want to tell you that what is the packaging used for, not for chocolates, not for candys, also not for sweets, but for tea, for flower tea. Are you surprised? This packaging design for tea is quite different from other tea packaging ,such as metal canister, cardboard container, tea bags or tea packaging box.

As you know, when we open new mold for cardboard cylinder or metal container, it will charge more, and it is so common, can make the tea has unique selling points in the marketing. If you want the tea enjoy the best sales marketing, need to find the best ways to make it quite different others, so the packaging will be the best choice for making it differently. High grede tea packaging design can make your tea brands as the learder in the marketing, attract customers’ eyes and grasp their memory, when they drink tea, it is quite natural for your brand to come up to their brain.

Now talk something about the design, we choose the kraft paper, which cost less than metal and cardboard cylinder.When production, it will take less labor, won’t wast so much time on making the packaging box, its weight is very ligh, it is easy for display and shipment, cost less in shipment fee. There is one window on the sleeve, make the product showing for customers directly, raise the value of the marketing. Pack the tea leaf in paper, then the customer can use one for each time, don’t need to open the container and scoop out several times. What is the most, this design look higt grade, make the flower tea in high quality. Of course, some people will buy it just beacuse of the luxury packaging box design.

Our packaging design can make your products enjoy best selling points, and raise the sales. So just contact us without hesitate, design,production and shipment, all by us, what you should do is to enjoy the good reputation for your products.

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