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Record-keeping up raid on the printing and packaging industry

Record-keeping up raid on the printing and packaging industry



Record-keeping up raid on the printing and packaging industry

Since the end of September 2016, a huge boom is raided the chinese paper industry, upstream from the paper mill, to the downstream cardboard-box factory, and to the end customer base, are all involved in without exception.What lies behind the record-keeping up?

Printn-pack has recently received price increase notices from a dozen upstream paper supplier. Two or three months ago, it has been informed of the paper prices, up to now still continue to rise, on average each ton of record has reached 500-1000 RMB.

For the cause of the rise in price, a lot of people think that is the rise in raw material, production limit.In fact, the truth behind the perhaps more than that.

High cost to promote record-keeping

Now the industry is generally in bullish sentiment, many companies feel hesitate to receive orders. The orders haven't been put into production, the prices had rised,then will  loose much more money, so a lot of manufacturers will have to stop off in advance before the end of the year.

Wood pulp prices, on the one hand, is affected by outer disc pressure, on the other hand is also affected by the RMB exchange rate changes.In addition, because the second half of the year is a traditional paper demand season, wood pulp is in shortage state, has also led to frequent changes of price climbed to a high.

In addition to the raw materials, such as freight, coal prices, also bringcost pressure to papermaking enterprise.

Many gambling cause the industry reshuffle speed

China pulp game between purchaser and foreign pulp producers, may also be one of the factors to cause record-keeping.

Although the international pulp company will lower Compensation slashed of eucalyptus pulp sold to the Chinese market in the middle of July 2016. However, influenced by the suspend activities leaked by G20 summit,China paper factories and traders keep wait-and-see atmosphere, makes China's regional pulp significantly decline in imports. In addition, under the expectations of the fed to raise interest rates, considering the lower possibility in the RMB exchange rate against the dollar,China paper factory will take more cautious action in purchasing pulp.

At the same time, for the waste paper recycling in the United States market, Chinese traders in order to prevent the recycling companies bidding up the record-keeping, they took consistent purchasing action, therefore, during the period of late October to early December, imported waste paper formed a gap year.

Environmental improvement accelerates the speed of the paper industry reshuffle

In addition, as a heavy pollution industry, in the winter of 2016, strongest China governance and the environmental protection leaked a strongest storm for the fog, is also seriously affect the record-keeping.

The strength of National level  in the environmental regulation this year is very big, from the promulgation of the regulations to carpet census environmental clean up, all shows that corporate environmental responsibility must perform for people. After the national economy development to a certain stage, environmental rectification is sooner or later.

Many paper mill production line are relatively backward, does not have drainage ability, the national environmental protection improves more requirements, now a lot of paper mill were eliminated.Middle and small paper mills have been eliminated, inevitably led to the decrease of the paper supply and boost the record-keeping.

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