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A new paper buffer design for Glass frame

A new paper buffer design for Glass frame


Constructure design by Printn-pack is not only a paper buffer.

Friends who are interested, might as well just look at the front of the two figures as below, if you decide to desgin the photo frame paper buffer, what is your idea, and how will you do?

paper protective jacket for glass frame

The side of the glass picture frame

paper buffer for glass picture frame

The front of the glass picture frames


When get the glass frame in hands, if our designer just dig a hole into the paper cardboard, and put the frame inside, then the structure design  for paper buffer will be very simple.

 But as per Printn-pack’s design, the experience of easy opening must be considered:

1, The appearance of integrity;
2, Beautiful;
3, Simple, can't make too much rubbish.


So, according to the special shape of the products,we design cardboard buffer in folding structure. And after a lot of improvement, it finally looks like this.

cardboard buffer for glass photo frame

Look from the sides

cardboard paper buffer for glass picture frame

Look from the front

Wooden glass stand, is a little thicker than the glass, we must use paper to package the whole glass part, in the course of carriage,can prevent collision with other parts.

This structure design is realized by just using a simple folding techniques as below picture.

cardboard paper holder for glass photo frame

Of course, the effect is a result of turning from side to side.

The benefits of strict to ourselves is that, whencustomer just see at a glance,will identify and say OK! Which is the best reward for the designer!

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