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Common Colored Paper Box and Paper Material

Common Colored Paper Box and Paper Material


For those customer friends, who don't know the knowledge about printing and packaging, can quickly understand some types of packaging box and paper material, can work as soon as possible to carry out the packaging box procurement. Printn-pack will show more details about the paper packaging and printing.      

There are several types of paper packaging boxes, such as ,cardboard packaging boxes,corrugated paper boxes,high-end handmade packaging boxes,etc.

cardboard paper box

cardboard packaging boxes 

Cardboard paper boxes generally are made from 250 g, 300 g, 350 g, 400 g, 450 g grey card, white card, black card and kraft paper, etc.

corrugated paper box

corrugated paper boxes 

Corrugated paper boxes general are with“e”and “f” flute, inner corrugaed paper is with flute.most commonly surface paper is 250 g, 300 g or 350 g coated paper.

high-end handmade packaging boxes

high-end handmade packaging boxes 

high-end paper packaging are generally produced with grey paperboard , the gram weight is more than 600 g (1 mm) , is forming by sticking grey paperboard and surface paper together. According to the customer’s different demands, gram weight of grey paperboard are different also, general are 950 g, 1200 g, 1500 g. Can also through pasting two pieces of paperboard, to make two pieces become one piece paperboard with more heavy weight gram, such as two pieces of 1500 g paperboard are pasted together , then become one piece of 3000 g grey paperboard.

quliaty paper packaging

quality packaging boxes 

Generally, the surface paper of the quality packaging box is 128g and 157g doubole sides art paper;There are also many special fancy paper can be used as surface paper of high- end packaging box.

Common paper material for paper packaging box

Colored paper box commonly involves two kinds of the paper material, surface paper and corrugated paper.

surface paper for packaging box

Commonly surface paper of the color box are coated paper, single side art paper, double siddes art paper, gold card paper, silver card paper, laser card paper, etc.

“Grey and white paper” is what we called” coated paper”. The front is white, can be printed, the reverse side is gray, can not be printed. Also called "white paperboard", "grey cardboard," "single white paper”.

White card paper is single coated paper, there is also referred to as "single side art paper

Coated 1side paper (C1S), also called single side art paper; Coated 2 side paper (C2S), also called double side art paper; Art paper is mainly used as surface paper for quality paper packaging box.

Double white paper is mainly used for printed paper card, colored paper box.

White paperboard (Grey white board,one side white board) is mainly used for corrugated paper and paper card box.

Single white card paper (white card paper /C1S) is mainly used for paper card box.

Paper board is mainly used for high-end paper packagng box.

Kraft paper/black card paper is mainly used for high-end paper packaging bxo and paper card box.

Corrugated paper is consisit of printed surface paper, corrugated core and inner paper.

corrugated paper for packaging boxes

Corrugated core includes A flute, B flute, C flute, E flute,F flute, common color paper box are mainly produced by micro corrugated paper with E and F flute.


Common term and thickness of corrugated core

Micro flute:





Single flute:





Double flutes:





Three flutes:





9 represents the corrugated paper core, it is E-flute, 3 represents B-flute, 8 represents F-flute.

E-flute is said by number 9, it means that every 30 mm E –flute corrugated paper has at least 9 complete flute peaks.Thick flute is said by number 3, it means that every 30 mm E –flute corrugated paper has at least 3 complete flute peaks.

Usually, the corrugated paper used for color paper box is what we called A9/B9/W9, there is not surface paper, so we also call it fluted paper. After printing the surface paper, will paste the printed surface paper and fluted paper together.

Common surface paper and inner paper for corrugated paper as belows:

K paper =200g

A paper =160g

B paper =125g

W paper (white)=120g

After printing, the surface paper of the color box is pasted together with the fluted paper. The grey white paper is mainly used as surface paper for the corrugated paper box.


Common corrugated core paper

Common core paper=105g

Reinforced core paper=115g


Common flute







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