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How do Bayer think of the printing company---Printn-pack?

How do Bayer think of the printing company---Printn-pack?



Printn-pack, established in 1995, has more than 22 years in printing and packaging industry. One stop for paper printing products, from marketing, design, production to export, there are professional teams for each process. Printn-pack supplies solutions to printing, paper packaging and other paper products.

As the market developing trend, printn-pack imported new printing equipements with latest technology and design for each production process from Germany & Japan. Update the management and ERP system, clients can check and control the order process by app,which can help clients to see the production site directly.

Printn-pack invest much to import new equipments, update the latest technology and train the professional teams, which can build trust, then most our clients will help to recommend some new company,who import paper packaging in big volume each year, Printn-pack can meet up with their demand of high production capacity.

On July 26th, one of fortune 500 companies---Bayer visited our factory,  Bayer was suprised by our new equipenments with latest technology,  which can work fully automatic in high speed. That is to say, with the latest new equipments and technology, Printn-pack can supply Bayer with paper packaging in big volume in short time, not only supply the paper products in high quality, but also cut down the cost.
What impression the printn-pack gave to Bayer, Printn-pack is professional and leading printing company in China, it can supply all the printing packaging with special surface finishing  and structures.

Bayer was so pleased to find  that all the brands we are cooperating are world famous, so it don't need to worry about the problems in quality, design and exporting, Printn-pack has experience to work with world famous brands in different indutries and different conutries, and enjoy good reputation from each client.


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