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How do I choose a New Year personalized gift boxes?

How do I choose a New Year personalized gift boxes?


As the New Year is getting closer and closer, the demand of the New Year personalized gift boxes is also getting bigger and bigger, the grade of the personalized gift boxes is very important.If you pay attention to the last step of "wrapping", even if the gift itself is not so expensive, a dazzling gift package can double its value.So in choosing the New Year personalized gift boxes, how should we choose? 

personalized gift boxes

    New Year personalized gift boxes selection tips

According to the weight of goods to choose: can choose three or five layers. 

According to the packaging material selection: white card paper, coated paper, kraft paper, pearl paper, black card paper, gold and silver card;

Choose according to the design style: look at the size of the product and the theme of the expression to choose the appropriate packaging box.

According to the structure of the personalized gift boxes: different types of personalized gift boxeses are suitable for different goods such as roofed hand box, clamshell box and drawer box.

Depending on the price: personalized gift boxeses with good materials and unique designs will cost more.

Common patterns of New Year personalized gift boxeses

Here are some common personalized gift boxes styles for your reference:

(1) the roof box is beautifully made and cheap. The period of customization is also relatively short, so for some businesses with time limit requirements can choose. 

(2) the way to open the flap is the flap box. The biggest feature is suitable for display, box ratio

Better looking, custom prices are slightly more expensive than the world box. But in the opening way is more unique and suitable for display, favored by high-end products. 

(3) drawer box is to use less box. It is characterized by mystery. But the drawer packaging box custom price is higher, but the appearance is more common so use less.

(4) the shape of an irregular box is irregular. The biggest characteristic is the novel appearance, can attract customers at the first glance. The downside is that it's expensive.

In the selection of high-end personalized gift boxes materials, paper still occupies the primary position. According to different levels of gift categories, the selection of materials are also different:

1. low grade gift packaging carton: choose more than 350 grams of white paper board printing mulching, die-cutting molding. Slightly higher level of the use of 300 grams of white paper board mounted into paper card printing, mulching, die-cutting molding.

2. Mid-range personalized gift boxes: the printing surface shall be made of 250g - 300g dominated aluminum foil card and 300g dominated white board paper, which shall be mounted and pasted into card paper, printed and coated, then die-cut and formed.

New Year personalized gift boxes design guide

1. Western tied bow knot method, can make the New Year personalized gift boxes with a different style. 

With more and more young people receive western-style education, traditional Chinese New Year personalized gift boxes, after decades of years tend to be invariable, and the couple like the new atmosphere, as in the west of the most common decoration items, bowknot, didn't get a good promotion in China, so if we in the west on the traditional New Year festival add this common element, so these will be for you in the east of packing box shows different style. 

And under the guidance of this idea, we can go from, on New Year's personalized gift boxes we can bind all sorts of different elements, he can represent the beauty of the bowknot, can represent the longevity of the pine needles (shochiku live), can also be represented love flowers, these binding element can bring you more in the holiday is not the same choice. Now there is a new breakthrough is children, in the past, children are the object of neglect, with more and more only children, we can now on the packaging to please the little smart, tied on a mint candy cane is sure to attract the attention of children. This is the taste of Spring Festival! The Spring Festival is a happy holiday, adults, children, men, women, the elderly should be considered by businesses.

2. Retro silk and satin give your New Year personalized gift boxes a strong imprint of the past. 

No matter what a beautiful pattern is due to the limitation of material, there is no way to display the feel is to bring the advantages of, accumulate over a long period of fast world, let everything becomes fast together, instead is the lack of the lasting appeal of of primitive simplicity, the mood for love to see a movie, the increase of qipao feast, is the best finish for old Shanghai, if we are in the design of a New Year personalized gift boxes, silks and satins as its raw material on the material choice, think about it, that a kind of of primitive simplicity history along, can let you wracked by excessive packaging eyes get the best of the best baptism, it is a kind of of primitive simplicity the inner identity of culture, This will help suppliers achieve better sales and reasonable prices.

3. Good at using antique kraft paper to decorate their own New Year personalized gift boxes. 

The New Year personalized gift boxes made of high-quality kraft paper allows your customers to get rid of the trouble of ordinary colors and personalize your gifts. Try to imagine, in a piece of red colour, a leather box, and the material is so close to our skin, reminiscent of the nature, this is, of course, can attract the consumers desire to buy, and kraft paper itself is one of the well-known domestic and foreign environmental protection material, so I have more symbolic significance in practice. 

Good horse match good saddle, good gift also match good packing certainly, choose a suitable personalized gift boxes to be able to foil the value of commodity and class.

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