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International Standard Box-shaped for Paper Packaging

International Standard Box-shaped for Paper Packaging


Double plugged paper box, box of top and bottom,plane paper box, all of these box types are only from folk customary belief,but it is not accurate standard description. "International Corrugated Box-shaped Standard" approved by the international association of corrugated board, uses numbers to describe each type of corrugated paper box , which also be used for card paper boxes.

01 box type is referred to the corrugated board.

0100 is on behalf of the single corrugated cardboard, it is fluted paper.

0110 is on behalf of the double corrugated cardboard.

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02 box type is most common.

Cut and shaped by one piece cardboard, general sealed by nails or glue,  up and down covers conjoined can be closed into cartons. 02 box type includes flat paper box, top and bottom plugged box, bottom plugged box, box with handle.

0201 box-shpaed is flat paper box,in FEFCO carton-type database, 0201 has total of five kinds of box, there are subtle differences.

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From 0202 to 0210, all these box types are used less, so not need to introduce.

0211 box shape is double plugged box, top cover tongue and bottom cover tongue are plugged into box from opposite direction, is top and bottom plugged box.

0215 box type , the top cover tongue is plugged into box, the box bottom is lock structure. 

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0217box type, the top is locked structure with a handle, the bottom box structure is locked and plugged itself.

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03box type is box of top and bottom

03 box type, lid and bottom are separate boxes, the lid can cover part or all of the bottom box, is suitable for large products with high stacking strengthwhich are not easy for loading and unloading.There are a lot of complex structures, not commonly used. Here are a few common box-shaped.

0301 box –shaped, cover is with short side slot, bottom box is with long side slot ,top and bottom boxes can be fixed fully.

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0303 box –shaped, lateral plates of long side have two 45 ° indentation, can be folded easily, to decrease the cost of warehousing and transportation.

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0308 box-shaped is similar to 0303, folding indentation on the four corners, no diagram here.

0310 box-shaped is consisted by the lid, the box body, and the bottom.Gift boxes have such practices.

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04box type is disk-type con-struction. 

Indentation between the box bottom plate and box side panel can be folded,can be molded without nails and glue, can also design into structures with lock, PET window, handle and diplay stand. Can see the items in the box directly, and is widely used in commodity display box. There are total of 58 types of 04 box-shaped , here are a few cases of common.

0406 box-shaped, tissue box is the one.

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0422 - F box-shaped, is small display box.

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0425 box-shaped, is disk-type construction.

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0427 box-shaped, is what we commonly known as the "the plane box".

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05 box type, is consisted by outer sleeve and inner tray, which is mould by one or more pieces of corrugated paper, some boxes are similar to the drawer boxes. Normal use is not so much,so not to illustrated here.

06 box type, is consolidated box, is consisted by two or more separate end plates and the connection body, connect them by glue or nails. because of the more time-consuming, usually rare be used.

07 box type, including two structures of automatic gluing bottom cover and self-locking corners of flat plate, single piece of cardboard or box blank is into flat shape, saving the cost of logistics. 07 series box has a total of 23 types of boxes.

08 box type, is internal board or tube structure, has a total of 10 types, are relatively simple lining, not listed here.

08 box type, all is used as accessories for interior space or buffer.

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