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Leading Printed Cartons Manufacturers in Cambodia & China

Leading Printed Cartons Manufacturers in Cambodia & China



Leading Printed Cartons Manufacturers in Cambodia & China

There are so many printed cartons manufacturers in Cambodia and China, but which one are the leading and professional factories for carton printing, maybe you need to take some time to know more about Printn-pack, Who can supply you with all the printing packaging products, not only shipping carton, corrugated carton box and printed paper box,but also label stickers,printed paper cards and hangtags.


As the price for the carton paper material is raising, many carton manufacturers can’t stay safely in the marketing , to stand firm in the printing industry, some carton suppliers will save the cost in other processes, to make up the cost of the raising paper material. Then the result is to cut down the quality of the carton, and reduce the protective value of the master carton during the shipping.


Printn-pack, is the one carton printer who can produce the corrugater paper material itself, it can control the cost of the material, won’t be influenced by the paper prices in the marketing, and it will stay firm and safely in the carton packaging supply chain.


Printn-pack has all the equipments for each process of cartons manufacturing, from corrugated paper material production, carton printing and the carton packaging, we have the automatic machines to finish in order. There are so many shoe and clothes factories moving to China and Cambodia marketing, it is great demand for outter carton, so the productivity of the carton printing companiess need to be improv, to make sure to meet up with the marketing demands.Printn-pack is always importing the latest machines with advanced technology, the production lines is been improving all the time, just to meet the marketing demand trend.


Printn-pack is printed packaging manufacturer, who has factories to produce and supply the printed paper products, we can do business online and offline. We are one stop of packaging design, sample production, mass production ,shipping and exporter. More and more clients from all over the world are knowing us, our good reputation bring us more and more orders.


To give clients more confidence and trust, we will always invite you to visit at our factories to know better about the productivity and quality. These days,Molecular Resonance Effect Technology is visiting at our carton factory, it is one manufacturer for low frequency resonators for healthy drinking water, and it has working with us many years for printing cardboard packaging boxes, now want to expand the marketing to other countries, so need to order strong master carton for shipment.

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