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Market Status and Development Trend Analysis of Packaging Industry in 2018

Market Status and Development Trend Analysis of Packaging Industry in 2018


Market analysis of packaging industry

China's packaging industry has experienced the rapid development stage, now has established a considerable scale of production, has become an important part of China's manufacturing industry. At present, China's packaging industry has formed a independent, complete, complete industrial packaging system, paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, packaging and printing and packaging machinery are main products. The rapid development of China's packaging industry not only basically meets the needs of domestic consumption and commodity exports, but also plays an important role in protecting goods, facilitating logistics, promoting sales and service consumption. At present, the most widely used in the Chinese market are plastic packaging and paper packaging products, followed by metal packaging and glass packaging. According to statistics from China packaging federation, in 2017, the total revenue of paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging and glass packaging was 754.72 billion RMB. Paper and paperboard make up 45% of the main business income of the whole package, followed by plastic packaging, metal packaging and glass packaging, accounting for 25%, 19% and 11% respectively.

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Although China's packaging industry overall development trend is good, and has become the world's second largest packaging power after the United States. However, per capita packaging consumption still has a large gap compared with the major countries and regions in the world, and there will be a broad market development space for each segment of the packaging industry.
In addition, the packaging industry downstream industry widely, the stable development of precious metals, clocks and watches, jewelry, cosmetics, high-grade tobacco, health care products, food, consumer electronics and other industries in recent years, have provided a broad market for the development of
packaging enterprises. According to the national bureau of statistics show that in 2017 the preliminary calculation, the GDP totaled 82.7122 trillion RMB, calculated at comparable prices, an increase of 6.9% over the previous year, China has become a center to promote the growth of the global economy, is also one of the world's largest consumer market. With China's status and role in the structure of the global economy growing and steady growth of China's macro economic, the future related to the downstream industry will continue to drive the packaging industry in business model, product structure, technology research and development, production and manufacturing make greater development, but also will provide a broader market space for packaging industry. According to the above mentioned, forward-looking industry research institute "in 2018-2023 China's packaging industry market foresight strategic planning and investment analysis report predicts that by 2023, China's packaging industry sales will exceed 2 trillion RMB, 2.091628 trillion RMB, profit of 133.477 billion RMB.

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Analysis of development trend of packaging industry

First of all, with the change of internal and external development environment and overall economic quality., the influence of superposition of structural contradictions, the packaging industry in our country will enter a key development period, that is, the period of golden development to the stage of problems. Long-standing excess production capacity, excessive dependence on energy resources consumption, the independent innovation ability is weak, the enterprise competitive ability is not strong, industry scale and economic benefits disproportionate structural and quality defects such as will be increasingly apparent, this will lead to regional industrial structure adjustment in recent years is inevitable.

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Secondly, with the implementation plan of promoting the green packaging work of express delivery industry. In the e-commerce, express delivery, takeout and other industries, we are the first to restrict the implementation of a series of non-degradable plastic packaging, and urge local governments, especially cities, to intensify their implementation. For packaging industry, carry out the green idea, It is to implement the overall requirements of "resolutely oppose excessive packaging" in the 13th five-year plan, as well as the specific goal of "transformation of traditional production to green production" in the guidance of the transformation and development of packaging industry. Green, low-carbon and environmental protection will be the main axis of future packaging industry development.

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Third, the regional landscape will slowly change. The packaging industry pattern of "Yangtze river delta", "pearl river delta" and "Bohai sea" will not change very soon, and will continue to develop with regional economy. However, with the development of the western region and the revitalization of the old industrial base in northeast China, the overall imbalance in the development of packaging industry will be significantly changed. 

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In the end, to develop in the direction of holistic, systematic packaging solution in the traditional sense of the system, such as buying packaging materials and delivering machines, with the maturity of the market, is unable to provide complete solutions suppliers due to not systemic reduce packaging costs, the bargaining power will be weakened, and packaging enterprises need to be integrated and systematic.

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