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According to the requirement of packaging material, there are two styles of paper mounting:

1. Corrugated paper--Card paper mounting 

2. Card paper--Card Paper mounting

Corrugated paper--Card paper mounting 

We are equipped with fully automatic high-speed corrugated paper mounting machines.

We use full environmental non-toxic glue to produce high quality corrugated paper products.

Its production speed is 5000pcs/hr.

Suitable for shoes and toys corrugated paper box.

Main function of corrugated paper: good compressive strength and shock resistance performance. It can bear some pressure, impact and vibration.

As per requirements,choose surface paper and corrugated paper with different strength.

Card paper--Card Paper mounting

We have fully automatic high-speed paper card mounting machines.

We use full environmental non-toxic glue,the humidity of paper mounting products is very low.

Its production speed of 5000pcs/hr.

Suitable for paper cards, blister cards, hangtags, underwear hanging cards and paper boxes.

Generally, the paper thickness for offset printing is within 0.35 mm, but our paper for finished products is thicker. We mount two or more pieces of paper together to guarantee the quality of paper packaging.


Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.

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