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Since 1995

Germany SPS high-speed spot UV machine

Germany Heidelberg hot stamping machine

Spot UV

Highlights the product’s artistic effect,and enhance sense of third dimension, its colour and presence. It displays the products' special charm and quality. It is preferred and used by many designers.

Gold (silver) stamping

The print is clear, beautiful, colorful and dazzling. Stamping offers various colors. When one wants to highlight the patterns and text, the hot stamping (silver) will be the first choice for many designers.

Convex (Concave)

Convex (concave)is an important step in the final process of printing. It does not require ink stamping method. The product is put between the concave and convex templates, extrude the concave and convex graphic of embossed shape with large pressure, gives the goods a vivid and dimensional effect.Used for trademark, cigarette package, paper box, greeting cards, bottle label,etc.

Glitter Powder (dusting)

“Glitter Powder is environmental PE material. It has solid color of gold, silver, green, purple, sapphire blue etc. Or it can combine with the effect of rainbow, pearl and laser colour. All colour schemes are bright and has strong corrosion resistance and temperature tolerance. It is often applied to the paper packaging for Christmas, crafts, cosmetics, health care products and other products.

Logic light lines

Golden laser rainbow logic lines/refraction light line is an advanced packaging step in printing. It is combined with holographic laser, etchings,and optical refraction. This kind of printing is highly complicated, so it is hard to produce counterfeit and replicates. It has high security function and it is suitable for paper box of cigarette, wine,cosmetic, medicine, tea, health care products , gift. Also for notebook cover , greeting cards, desk calendar, painting, gold foil painting, Buddha, trademark, paper cards, stationery, photo albums, marketable securities and bank bills.


Dimentional, soft, luxurious and luxuriant warm. It can be used for heat preservation, moistureproof, no depilation, scratch resistance。Suitable for paper boxes of jewelry, health care products, wine and glasses.Also for certificate, top grade certificates epidermis, stickers, paper card, hangtags.