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The Factors Affecting The Color

The Factors Affecting The Color


In printing industry, four color printing is given the priority before, then gradually developed into the spot-color printin. It is long time to develop step by step in dozen years,  from the density to the chromaticity measurement, and appear the X-rite test.
The packaging is the most important market in the the field of printing. Not only the packaging products are of high additional value, but also will directly affect the product and the company's image, such as the particular color is generally adopted for company LOGO . The rise of the spot-color printing has a lot of relevance with the packaging and printin, Such as, food packaging has high requirements on the color. Now most of the printing enterprise, especially packaging printing enterprises have more and more the requirement on the color
In terms of product configuration, it is the almost level at home and abroad. There are some domestic enterprises purchased the most advanced equipment and software of color management,but do not solve the actual problem of colour in the production. One of the most important reason is the users don’t combine instruments together with the technology, process, management. This is why  X-rite cooperate with printing college to establish the color labs.
In addition to measuring tool, in fact, there are many other factors affect the final result of color management, Such as the production process control, the operating personnel's technical level,  the production management ideas, etc., which are also the keys to the success of color management. Density instrument, the luminosity meter or ink color matching system, these are just tools, if they could eventually play their powers and improve product quality, the key lies in how people use these tools. enterprises should be more concerned about the factors around than the color measurement. For example, it is very important for the stability of the production process, if the production process control is bad, no matter how good the measuring instrument, it can not ensure good quality of color.                    

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