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The Perfect Proportion and Structure of the Roof Box.

The Perfect Proportion and Structure of the Roof Box.


portable paper packaging box

Recently, roof boxes are very popular. The box has sloping roof shape, from side to center cover, symmetrical style, is very good looking with hand rope, is a natural New Year gift package.

However, when Printn-pack did the paper box samples for many clients, we found that most of the structure diagrams drawn by the designers were either not formed or the proportions were very uncoordinated.

So let's look at the right way to draw it.

a portable roof box

A portable roof box with golden ratio

Let's talk about two key points of the box:

  1. The proportion for top and bottom.

  2. The proportion for box lid.

We have a large number of different wide and high proportions of box type drawing comparison. We conclude that the top and bottom ratios are the most suitable for 0.618, and the folding parts of the box are about 1/4 wide.

The drawing method of a portable root box

printed paper box drawing

  • L=Length, W=Width, H=Height; because the width is divided into 4 equal parts. If it's less than 20mm, it's going to be difficult. So the width need to be more than 80mm, a is the paper thickness.

  • Stick, insert, bottom are according to the bottom buckled box of the conventional drawing.

  • food paper packaging with handle rope

Corrugated paper box of roof shape is low cost and portable style, is the best packaging for dried fruit, local products and food, commonly used as gift boxes.

Special note: the width of the roof box should not be less than 80mm, because the folding area is 1/4 of the width. When the folding place is less than 20mm, it will cause the operation difficulty.

In the process of writing this article, I have drawn a large number of graphs to compare, because the process is tedious, the reading is boring, only one of them is listed here, other omissions. Only write the research structure, interested friends can study on their own, welcome to discuss.


Here is one of the illustrations in the research process.

 1. The proportion for top and bottom.

This is Golden Rectangle of W/H=0.618.

The height of the inclined plane/the vertical line below is 0.618.

The vertical line below /H=0.618.

roof paper box design


2. Half Top

Around a half top, from the top to bottom , to drawing a slash to form an angle of 72 °(figure 4), 60 ° (figure 5), 45 °(figure 6), to interest with sides. In this golden rectangle, figure 4 is beautiful. The backside of the two graphs is too short and not proportional.

corrugated paper box design


3. One third of top

Around one third top, from the top to bottom, to drawing a slash to form an angle of 72 °(figure 7), 60 ° (figure 8), 45 °(figure 9), to interest with sides. In the following three figures, figure 8 is coordinated and the other two figures are not beautiful.

gift packaging design



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