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What Is the Influence of Paper Grain on A Corrugated Paper Box

What Is the Influence of Paper Grain on A Corrugated Paper Box


What is the influence of the corrugated paper grain for a corrugated paper box?  Different paper box structure, the corrugated paper grain will be different. There are horizontal and vertical directrion for corrugated paper grains. If choose the right flute direction for the corrugated paper grain, the corrugated packaging box will be solid for the weight, if not, the corrugated paper packaging won't bear the weight of the products.


1.  The relationship for the flute direction and paper pasting

Vertical flute direction

corrugated box

Flute direction is vertical, surface paper grain direction is horizontal.

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2. The relationship for the flute direction and the compressive strength

Vertical flute

paper corrugated boxes

Horizontal flute

corrugated gift boxes
When the flute direction are perpendicular to the horizontal plane, the compressive strength is strongest.

when Carton stacking,the main stress is perpendicular to the plane, therefore, most of the cartons are with vertical corrugated direction.

corrugated cardboard box

3. The relationship for the flute direction and box shape

Sometimes the paper box is long and thin, when sticking box it is very difficult to do para-position operation,so need to change the paper grain direction to be horizontal .

sunlight packaging box

Flute direction of the sunlight packaging box

Corrugated direction of the fluorescent lamp box will be warp, there is friciton between the box body and the suface paper of the plug tongue. When cutting the box, need to crush all the plug tongue, and inform the customer of the phenomenon at the some time.

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Tubular color paper box with vertical flute

corrugated box printing


Tubular color paper box with horizontal flute

printed corrugated box


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In order to get strong support, corrugated direction of plate color paper box should be parallel to the shorter side.

custom printed corrugated boxes

printing corrugated boxes

The crease of the plane box lid is easy to crack, because repeatedly open and close, if the corrugated direction parallel to the crease(as figure 4).The corrugated direction should be change (as figure 3), can avoid this problem


Though various details above is very detailed,but shall not presumptuously change customers' original design, can suggest clients to be so, and explain the reason of the change, because customer maybe has some other reasons to use this corrugated direction.

The trouble for sticky box brought by vertical corrugated direction has been a headache,  some factories use double anti indentation method to improve the vertical grian of super line, off-line and bell mouth, it is worth using for reference.


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