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What Is The International Paper Packaging?

What Is The International Paper Packaging?


This elegant vodka packaging is beautiful. Behind Redkroft is a limited edition of the old flavor vodka, which is simple and geometric. Specially designed for Google Campus Warsaw, this is a unique gift for special occasions on Campus. It is printed on high quality paper, in line with the brand's palette and hand in hand.

cardboard cylinder

cardboard packaging tube

cardboard paper tube for wine

paper packaging cylinder

wine cylinder packaging

paper bag for wine

printed paper cards

hot drinks packaging design

take away paper packaging

unique packaging design

paper bag with seal

tea packaging design

paper sticker

label sticker for bottle

printed paper label

paper sticker for bottles

packaging design for glasses

packaging design for cup

Love si maier

Brand Visual Image Design, Brand visual identity

Designed by the Chinese famous design agencies---blue fire brand packaging , the visual image increasing retain in their ha ha, he he, hee hee three kind of brand culture concept and Tibetan characteristics. At the same time, The graphics are simplified and extended to enhance the recognition and uniqueness of the brand, and the use of graphic symbols is more flexible and varied.

Paper hangtags

paper packaging for coffee

simple packaging design

paper bag for coffee

take away coffee packaging

take away packaging design

fashion packaging design

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