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How to Design Paper Packaging Box with Drawer

How to Design Paper Packaging Box with Drawer


Always thought that paper packaging box design and production are simple things, but since the day in the printing and packaging industry, I have been constantly making the jokes. From now on, won’t say to anyone again that paper box manufacturing is simple.

Never had a special institution, to supply engineering and technical personnel with free packaging box design training. What is the Factory training ? A master trains an apprentice even without any teaching materials. Completely learning in practice,to grasp paper box production technology. Now, Printn-pack wants to do one thing urgently, to help the young who has intention to learn and master the packaging technology knowledge quickly.

Drawer box size design

1.   Schematic diagram for V groove moulding drawer box 

drawer paper box design

The overall V groove outer box (Solution one)

paper box with drawer design

V-groove inner box,is surrounded by 4 sides (Solution two)

design for paper box with drawer

V-groove inner box,is surrounded by 4 sides (Solution two)

In order to save paper, the side plate of outter box can be assembled with two pieces of glued cardboard.

2.   sectional drawing for V groove moulding drawer box

paper box with sleeve design

The difference between drawer box and lid&bottom boxes is that, inside box and outer box are put in a different direction. Inner box has a ribbon handle, don't need to keep 5 mm space between the outer. To prevent the inner box from deformation, the openning mouth of outer box is 1 mm larger than the innner box.

paper packaging design

The blue line represents surface paper, the grey line represents cardboard.

The characteristics of the V-groove moulding drawer box :

grey paperboard outter size=grey paperboard manufacturing size= surface paper size

The relationship between paperboard size of outter box and inner box:




Just pay attention to a certain processing error, don’t need to leave space between Inner and outer boxes.

3.   Die cutter figure for V groove moulding drawer box

die cutter figure for drawer paper boxes

Grey paperboard of outter box

Orange line is V-groove line;

Thin black line is alignment mark;

thick black line is fully knife line

paper box with sleeve

Surface paper of outter box

paperboard packaging box

Grey paperboard of inner box

sleeve box with drawer                       

Surface paper of inner box

4. Design sketch for V groove moulding drawer box

paper packaging with sleeve

paper packaging with drawer


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